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Commanding Wealth® Success Stories

Here are the Checks! Estella Sugawara-Adams, M.S., U.S. EPA, Region 6, 6PD-Toxics:
“Remember in my appointment with you (speaking about her appointment with Kathryn Perry) on September 9th, we did the One Command for my financial good?  Well, two years ago I filed an EEOC case against EPA based on discrimination, hostile work environment, retaliation.  A Hearing was set and the Dallas office of EEOC heard the case and awarded me the case, including damages.  In May 2007, the Agency filed an appeal to the EEOC Appeal Panel, Washington, DC and they lost the appeal on September 10th - the day after I made The One Command®!! The Appeals Panel issued an Order for the following to be paid to me within 60 days:

$50,000 in payment for non-pecuniary compensatory damages
$  6,944.00 in pecuniary compensatory damages
$45,517.50 in payment for attorney's fees
$     786.39 in payment for costs
Interest on above for filing the Appeal approximately ($3097.44)
Total=  $106,345.33

Are you still there?  See you Wednesday evening for the Commanding Wealth® Circle and Bless You!!!!!”

The One Command® produces amazing results.
Lloyd Steven Sieden, author Buckminster Fuller's Universe (Basic Books, 2000)

The One Command® produces amazing results. I attended the Commanding Wealth Free Preview where we applied The One Command® for a brief couple minutes, and I was astounded by the result that occurred the following day.

I have had an IRS judgment for $15,000 plus accrued interest hanging over my head for about 1 1/2 years. Even though my accountant assured me that it was their mistake and that the process would probably take two years, it constantly bothered me.

We had a preliminary meeting with the IRS people scheduled, and the morning after the Preview my accountant called me to report that he had all the paperwork completed and calculated that instead of me owing $15,000 to the IRS the IRS would owe me a $500 refund. I am now excited about applying The One Command® to all aspects of my life, including more financial dealings.



Robert and Debbie Montgomery Share their Experience

I am so grateful to have met you Asara and Kathryn, and appreciate what you have done for my life.  On the first day of the Commanding Wealth® course I went into the bathroom and looked into the mirror and said goodbye to my old self because I knew this was going to be a life-changing experience. It was and still is. 

My relationship with my husband has changed dramatically for the better.  My relationship with my grown children and their families has changed dramatically for the better also. The relationship with my grandchildren’s mother and her husband has been dramatically improved as well.

This course has brought me a life-changing business with Limu.  This was not the business I was in. I was going in a different direction and I kept running into blocks. I was trying to force the situation. With taking this course the doors just opened for a new direction and my husband and I are taking this direction together. For us to be in such a new position - it's amazing and our business is taking off very successfully.

I have always been a very insecure person. Always felt like I was not good enough or did not have the education to be successful in my life. I felt that I was not educated enough to talk to professional people such as doctors or lawyers or successful business people.  I felt like I did not deserve to be successful.  And through taking this course all that has changed. Now I speak with ease and comfort and I know I deserve to be successful. And I want to remind anyone that takes this course to continue using the six-steps to theta you learn in the course and making The One Command® for the changes you want in your life because I am here to tell you that it works.

I had been out of relationship with my grandkids because of a family dispute and wanted desperately to see them. I went into theta and made The One Command® I don't know how I spend quality time with my granddaughters I only I do now and I am grateful and I am fulfilled. It wasn't even 24 hours until I got a phone call from their mother, she wanted to know what weekend would be best for us for them to come stay with us.  Such a miracle! because we haven't been able to spend this quality time with these girls for over two years!

Another example of my success from what we learned in Commanding Wealth® was going through the six-steps to theta and making The One Command®, I don't know how greater wealth comes to us I only know that it does now and I am grateful and fulfilled and watched it come true almost in an instant. 

That day I was on the computer and right after making The One Command® an ad popped up saying refinance your home with better interest rates.  In my normal thinking brain was the thought that I have bad credit and as our home was owner financed no one could help us.

Our credit took a nosedive three years after we bought our home and we had been turned down several times in the past when we tried to re-finance.  But that gut feeling after making The One Command® told me to go ahead and try it.  Within 10 minutes we had a phone call and this man with a thick Irish accent told us what he could do for us. Which was unbelievable to us. 

In the meantime we approached a few other people to see if we were getting the best offer. One person wanted to take me off of the home completely and really wasn't sure if he could help us. Another guy wanted outrageously high rates?  We went back to  the guy that approached us the first time and he came through for us.  And I mean he really came through because when they did a title search the title was in the last owner’s dead brother's name. We had trusted her that the title was free and clear. It was a mess! But the angel we met on the Internet right after stating The One Command® was able to straighten everything out.

We continued to Command, I don’t know how all this works out in our favor with no money coming out of our pockets only money coming in, I only know it does now and we are grateful and fulfilled. It took an extra month to refinance our home but it happened!  Now we have our home finally financed at a lower interest and lower payments.  And we are finally getting credit for our mortgage payments - which we were not getting for six years - and as a result our credit scores have now improved. 

These are just a few of the blessings that come to us from taking the Commanding Wealth® course.  Do you think we highly recommend that you take it for yourself? You bet we do!

Blessings, Deborah and Robert

Kelley Magbee
Handwriting Analysis Expert and Author

During the weekend of the Commanding Wealth® seminar with Kathryn and Asara, I went into major "processing". I knew that major shifts were taking place, but I had no idea what an impact they would prove to have.

The day after the last day of class, I was talking to a friend of mine about how to go about marketing my Handwriting Analysis business in a different way and she suggested that I teach classes in Shreveport, Oklahoma, Houston, Austin and/or San Antonio. She said that I could get other people to market the classes for me and pay them a referral fee.

The next morning (2 days after class ended), I made The One Command® "I don't know how I get hired to work at a party (doing Handwriting Analysis) for 3 or 4 hours making $100/hr, I only know I do now and I am fulfilled".

I went about my day not thinking anymore about it. Within about 6 hours, I received an e-mail from a lady who found my "Brainwriting" website on the Internet (not a referral) and asked me if I could work for 2-3 hours at her friend's surprise birthday party 11 days later! When I called her to discuss everything, she asked what I charge and I said $100/hr, she said that it was an acceptable price. We continued to talk even further and she asked if I would like for her to send me a deposit, which I said a $100 deposit would be great. In talking further, she said, "You know, I think I'm going to go ahead and pay you for 3 hours of work whether we need you there that long or not." Oh! And would you believe that this lady also works in the Dallas office of a Shreveport casino? How sweet is that connection?!

And it only gets better! I had also stated The One Command® to make $1500 this month and so far, I already have things lined up that will easily earn me this much or more this month.

If that weren't enough, I decided that next month, I would like to double this amount. So, I made The One Command® to do so.

In addition, (again, just 2 days after the last day of the Commanding Wealth® seminar) I talked to a lady on the phone for an entirely different purpose and she had a friend of hers on the phone with us. In talking, her friend asked what type of work I do and I told her that I do Handwriting Analysis. She kept asking me questions about it and asked how much I charge and about the classes I teach. When she told me that she lives in Houston, I told her that if she were to get 8 people who were interested in taking my class, I could come down there to teach a class and she could get it for free. ($50 referral fee; $375 for my class) She got excited so I gave her my phone number and told her to get back to me. Now follow me here. After taking the $50 off for the referral fee to her, I would get $325 per person taking the class. Multiplied by 8 people = $2600! Just $400 shy from the "doubled" amount and I still have 3 other classes already set for the month of August.

How sweet it is! Just command it and it is so! And did you happen to notice too about the Shreveport and Houston connection that my friend told me I should do classes? I love it!

Kelley Magbee
Handwriting Expert,
Author and Instructor

The Fruits of Commanding Wealth are coming In!
- Letter From Aeron Goldheart

In October of 2006 I was hired as an audio technician to record Asara's  Commanding Wealth course in Dallas, Texas.  I was over  $40,000 in debt from unsecured credit cards and really didn't expect to gain much since I was working the audio levels of the recorder which required my full attention. I felt like I was more of a casual observer, but I went through the moves and exercises as best as I could with the other classmates.

That's when my financial turnaround all started. There afterwards I don't know how money found it's way to me in excessive amounts each and every month with other clients hiring me to video, layout and design ads, billboards and interiors, I only know money came to me from every direction I gave attention to and it hasn't stopped since. The Commanding Wealth® teaching on  living in the "Golden Mean" taught me what I needed to know to live with income exceeded by my expenses to the degree that I was able to pay big chunky payments to reduce the debt.

Three months later, I attended Asara's class in mid January of 2007 in Dallas, and reported that I had paid off $12,000 in debts. I felt good about taking some pressure off this 6 year old debt but I really felt timid about the whole thing especially after I reported it,  the whole class gave me an ovation. Asara in particular was so supportive, I didn't know how to handle it. I feel like I was waking up as the first time I got recognized for helping myself.  One would think that by paying off that amount of debt so quickly that I would feel proud. Actually, I simply didn't feel good enough about myself yet still seeing the $30+ remaining debt and not knowing what was ahead. What I learned from this experience was that I needed more support to continue and refreshingly got it.

After that class, I didn't think much of it since I was planning a major move to Denver from Dallas and I was birthing a new business with a machine that provides subtle energy to people to help release toxins, release negative attitudes and restores the cell back to a state of mental, emotional and physical wellness. Not knowing how powerful the combination of the the machines and the command were,  I continued the command. "I don't know how I sell 2 Tesla Light Photonic Machines a month, I only know I do".  And what do you think happened? Yep,  I sold more than 2 machines, helped a lot of people and the money kept coming in. 

Then I attended the Denver Commanding Wealth® course ( yes I now run whenever I can to get another boost) and I was surprised again to find such amazing support when I reported that my debt had been reduced by another $10,000. Now I only had  $22,000 remaining in debt. That was half of where I was when I started making The One Command® only 6 months earlier. After this class I felt like I was on a roll and wanted to see the day I was able to get back up and say ALL my debt was behind me.

Well as luck would have it, in June, Asara returned to Dallas for another Commanding Wealth® class and yes, I just so happened to be there. Because I was traveling so much, I wasn't scheduled to cover the class, but at the last minute it worked out. And as you guessed it, I was asked to report my current status. The universe was obviously not letting me off the hook. I reported that I had been noticing my credit report worthiness scores were rising each month as I reduced my debt (see photo of credit report). I thought this was kind of funny but this was beginning to look serious, because I wanted to manifest buying a beautiful house to live in, in Colorado.

Aeron - credit score August 2007

My credit reported that I had knocked off another $12,000  so I was clearly moving forward. Asara helped me command selling 10 systems a month. That's $160,000 in sales. I felt that it would be okay to do that as I stated The One Command®, "I don't know how I sell 10 systems a month, I only know I do now and I am fulfilled".

Asara continually encourages the class to express what their hearts desires are as we act them out in the exercises in to the physical. She also invites the class to announce and bring in their products and services posted on tables to share with the class so we can start doing business with like hearted and minded classmates. I brought my wonderful Tesla Light wellness machines to class and gave a few sessions to a 62 year old woman on disability so she could receive the subtle energy to reduce her back pain. It not only reduced her back pain but she was so impressed with the technology that she wanted to share this with other friends and did.

What do you supposed happened?
Thanks to classmate Ruby Lee, we sold 11 machines of which Ruby sold 4 in July. Not only was I seeing myself come out of debt, but was also helping Ruby do the same before my eyes.  Ruby has traveled to Houston 5 times in the last 6 weeks. She is there as I write this writing orders.

Ruby getting a Tesla Light Session

Well, wouldn't you know it, I was back in Denver and got to report to the next Commanding Wealth® class that I had completely paid off my debts in full and was clearly living in the Golden Mean. Not only was my debt down I was able to contribute $16,000 to charity in addition. Besides Ruby, she helped me create a network starting with two other Agents who are busy marketing our energy system. So what's next I want to manifest?.... mmmm.

"I don't know how I manifest a beautiful loving supportive house, I only know I do now and I am fulfilled" I began to command and I moved into a beautiful house in Denver on the evening of the last day of the Commanding Wealth® class (see the class picture) just two weeks ago.

If that is not enough, since the end of the class, another classmate, Dr. Emilie Zepernick, agreed to be a referral agent for the Tesla Lights and introduced a friend she thought would be interested in adding the system to his holistic business. In one week Woody bought the $16k 2-unit AC and DC system to become an authorized Agent. His Tesla Light system delivers literally tomorrow, Thursday and we have scheduled his first open house this Saturday. He plans on "lighting up" the Colorado mountains. Emilie added to her Golden Mean account as I was extremely happy to generously share the profits with her in the form of a referral fee. Onward and upward for all participants of Commanding Wealth!!

So what's the score?
As of today when I am writing this in mid-August, ten months from the start of The One Command® and the Commanding Wealth® journey, I have commanded $90,000 in cash. All of my $45,000 debt is paid off with $20,000 cash surplus in the bank.  3 Tesla Light Agents and I have many pending sales as I write this with knowing: "I don't know how I create millions of dollars in business with online, I only know I do now and I am fulfilled," and I DO. And trust me, you will too!

Respectfully,  Aeron Goldheart

And More Testimonials

Jackie Hines writes:  “I took the Commanding Wealth® course in October 2006. After 10+ years of actively pursing metaphysical events, meditations etc, this was the class where I was finally able to meet my inner child. I also helped Kelley my Money Buddy (you get one in class) last weekend at a Christmas party for Pat Summerall's wife (think Monday Night Football).

I saw how my beliefs of money had changed when I no longer saw a separation from the wealthy and famous women at the party. I know we "say" we are not different, but Asara taught me the tools to believe it.”

Dennis owns his own welding business, and reports: “Sunday evening after the course my phone was backed up with messages for jobs. There were so many requests that I took Monday off and picked the job that paid the best and was the best suited to me and my family. That is part of what I learned in the Commanding Wealth seminar®, how to do it the easy way. I came to the course by the way, because I had no jobs and no future jobs lined up. What a change, instantly."

Toni Franks, one of our LA friends laughs when she says: “I just received a 10,000 dollar bonus at work. That is unimaginable as my job title is Personal Assistant to the President.  When do they ever get a bonus?  However I had a conversation with Asara and thought why not go for it with The One Command®, “I don’t know how I get a big juicy bonus, I only know I do now and I am fulfilled.”  And I did. I kept waiting to hear that they made a mistake. But it is true!