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The One Command® Frequently Asked Questions

Answered by Bonnie Strehlow,
One Command® Seminar Leader
One Command® Practitioner
Global Coordinator of the Commanding Wealth Circles® Yahoo Group
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By reading The One Command book, will I be able to do The One Command® or is the book just an introduction?

The One Command book is inclusive. You absolutely can learn and use the technique from the book. Asara provides many examples and choices to get you started creating a life that you choose. You can also click on the Free Learning link for a free PDF download on how to hold a Commanding Wealth Circle® and visit the many Free Teleconference archives.

Asara holds free teleconference calls every Wednesday morning at 9:00 am PT time with many archived calls available on the website to reinforce your experience and to learn new ways to apply The One Command®.

We teach a One Day -The One Command® seminar that we highly recommend for anyone interested in a deeper understanding of consciously going into theta because even though you can learn what you need from the book - there is nothing so powerful as to be in the attunement of a teacher who takes you through the process, answers your questions on the spot and guides you into an even deeper understanding of what is possible for you to achieve. You learn to use the technique in every area of your life. There are also advanced seminars available for those who wish to explore in more depth what is possible in their lives and to become a One Command® Leader and Practitioner.

There is a companion CD 6-Steps to Mastering The One Command with Asara and Kathryn Perry explaining the principles of The One Command® and leading you through the six-step process. Check out the calendar section to see what courses, dates and where seminars are being presented.More and more webinars and teleseminars are expected for 2009.

Do you need someone to walk you through the six-steps or can a person be in the theta state and talk their way through this by themselves?

It is recommended that you stay internal with your eyes closed and without talking as you are learning the technique so to begin, either record the process and play it for yourself; or get 6 Steps to Mastering The One Command companion CD and listen to Asara guide you through the process; or have a friend guide you through the process as found in the appendix of The One Command book; or listen to the archives where towards the end of each and every call you are guided through the 6-Step Process. Eventually you can simply close your eyes and imagine yourself going through the 6-Steps, issue The One Command® and come back into your body quickly and easily with great results.

How does The One Command® differ from hypnosis?

The One Command® has a foundation in hypnosis, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and conscious control of your theta brain wave. Asara has been a teacher in human consciousness for over 25 years and developed her own curriculum for her Washington State approved school, Threshold University of Body Mind Science, teaching her students to access different states of awareness (different brain frequencies) including alpha, theta, delta practices associated with hypnosis and NLP. She studied with master practitioners and teachers on how to operate in your theta mind, and has been teaching about the science of how the mind works for decades.

Hypnosis, The One Command® and several other healing modalities utilize the theta brain wave state. In fact, using the theta brain wave state is considered very cutting edge in the healing world.

Hypnosis uses both the alpha and theta states. It is a tool that guides people to those lower brain wave states so that changes can occur.

The One Command® operates naturally in cooperation with how the mind works (conscious, subconscious and superconscious mind) to instantly stop a negative and fearful thought and to naturally allow your blueprint for success right within your DNA to simply rise to the surface. (When the negative thought stops - the good you have within you has room to naturally express).

The One Command® utilizes creative visualization (light alpha) to guide you into your theta state (superconscious mind) and then Commands a reprogram of the subconscious mind by delinking neurological patterns. Once the new programs have been Commanded, The One Command® brings the subtle energy and new knowledge from the universe and all the potential within the unformed intelligence necessary for a new idea and creation of a new feeling down into the body to unwind old programs and rewind the new programs on the DNA level. It is a neurological, physiological event in the body.

The One Command® uses the mind to create the healing/shifts in the physical body.

My husband is a hypnotist and says that the theta state is hypnosis and that only a very small percentage of people can get into that state in such an extremely short time (within minutes).

The theta state is one of our four defined brain wave states:beta, alpha, theta and delta. Theta is technically our deep level dream state where the REM cycle of sleep occurs. People cycle in and out of the theta state all the time, especially when falling asleep or waking up. It is a natural state for the brain to be in. Your husband is correct - hypnosis leads people into the theta and alpha state.

What is new is that we can now consciously go into the theta state through the simple 6-Steps Asara has designed and while there make instant change by issuing The One Command® in our life.

Asara has worked with thousands of people over the years and has discovered that anyone can attain the theta brain wave state easily within a few minutes. Sometime when we meditate or pray, we go from the alpha state to the theta state. You can call The One Command® "open eye theta" or "consciously awake theta" and with practice, anyone can do it easily. Asara has had her brain mapped for her different brain waves and that mapping shows that she talks, teaches and works in the theta state. We consider her URL tested.

What is the difference between Thetahealing© and The One Command®?

ThetaHealing© is a technique that uses focused prayer and intention by connection with God/Creator as taught by Vianna Stibal, to command a healing, a belief change, or a reading.  It is specifically for healing another or self. When working with a client - as the practitioner, the practitioner does the work in co-creation with God and makes the commands and then sends the energy. The client receives the healing.

With The One Command®, the practitioner helps the client define the problem, then define the solution of what they want instead and then walks THEM through the technique.  The client does the work - the practitioner is the guide.  It is a technique that reprograms negative/fearful thoughts with such profound benefits and positive results it seems almost magical.

It is a process tool that can be applied for belief change, healing, manifestation of increased money and financial good, and better relationships by creating that knowledge first within the individual.

As you change, your world changes. It is not considered focused prayer or focused intention.

The only similarity is that they both use creative visualization to get into the theta brain wave and they both utilize the theta brain wave as that place to create change.