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The One Command and Your Theta Brain Wave


How do you know when you are in theta?

Many of you who are discovering The One Command® and your powerful theta mind have asked, how do you know when you are in theta?

First, the practice of going through the 6-Step Process to theta, Grounding, Aligning in your heart, Going to Theta, Commanding, Expanding and returning into your body, unwinding and rewinding as you Receive your new good by standing on a piece of paper with the name of each step - is designed to support you with the greatest benefit.

When you practice the 6-Step process by first walking through it on the floor and standing on your 6 pieces of paper you are teaching your body, the cells of your body, and your brain what this new experience is and how to do it.

After practicing by physically walking the 6-Steps you have established the model for your brain to understand, and now you can simply, mentally take yourself through the 6-Steps: Ground, Align, Go to Theta, Command, Expand and Receive your good quite quickly.

The action of moving your eyes - looking up under your closed eyes as if you are trying to see up through the top of your head is the physical action that lowers your brain waves from beta - ordinary waking consciousness - to theta / delta - and direct contact with your subconscious mind without any resistance - the very place where the beliefs you want to change reside.

In addition, the visualization of traveling up and out into the universe traveling to the out side edge of the galaxy, dropping into the black void of space, seeing a pin point of light, rapidly moving toward it and bursting through into the white luminosity of that greatness that resides right within you - further lowers your brain waves into theta / delta.

As you began The One Command® process in the grounded position - this brings you into your physical body and into your human connection and your human life here on earth. This allows you to e x p a n d in equal measure into theta (up and out) as you are deeply linked to earth (down and within).

You are starting in the present moment in your body and then letting yourself E X P E R I E N C E greater parts of you that are right there within you - within your neurology and biology - right there for you to use as you learn to do so through this process.

If you think that you are not in theta - that you never experience the white luminosity - aren't sure that your eyes are looking up underneath your closed eyelids or that you aren't imagining / seeing /feeling anything going on that is simply OK for a variety of reasons.

The process you are consciously taking yourself through is a natural one that you do every day while making decisions about your life. You especially are in theta while in your deepest state of sleep - the REM periods of sleep. This is why some of you actually feel your eyes move rapidly back and forth while your eyes are looking up as you go into theta and Command your greater good.

Therefore, know this; that you are going into theta through the physical activity of your eyes looking up. Your eyes rolling up under your closed eyelids are hard-wired to lower your brain to theta - and you may or may not perceive much of a change.

Some small percentage of folks have little theta brain activity and it may take weeks to months to activate their conscious ability to go in and out of theta.

The strongest indicator that you are consciously going into theta is a relaxed peaceful feeling and a sense of wellbeing - less stress and reduction or elimination of fear when you come back down - unwind and rewind in your body and open your eyes. Ask yourself, "How do I feel? More relaxed then when I started"? If the answer is yes then you indeed were in theta. This is an immediate indicator that you have been in theta.

The deepest theta / delta states are beyond our ability to know with our five senses. That is why you can only truly know if you have consciously gone into theta to change the direction, outcome or results of your life when the results appear. The rest is known by trust and faith alone.

If you are working on an - identity belief - one that is going to change your world-view, and your ego identity - then we recommend you go through the 6-Step Process and issue your Command with a partner. The One Command®Practitioner Certification was developed by virtue of this very request from those seeking more assistance and guidance in making the changes they want in their life and doing it with support and help.

There is a very real physical element of going into theta easily, comfortably, and quickly by first physically standing on each of the 6-Steps as recommended in The One Command book. Standing on each paper is a resource-anchored position for you and very helpful in guiding you to access very deep levels of your subconscious and super conscious or Source mind quickly and easily (the theta state).

In the past, teachers trained individuals for years, including with eye machines, to activate theta brain waves and to become confident they were in theta - and you are doing this in just moments.

Be kind to yourself because you are literally exercising new eye muscles that you have never used before. Some of you will probably experience eye muscle fatigue, some soreness - just like lifting weights for the first time - and some new or different neurological firing within your brain.

For example, when I started going into theta on a regular basis I had rapid electrical sensations firing through different parts of my head. I realized later that these were areas in my brain I had injured from my many horse back riding falls - including a massive concussion when I was a child - and this was the activity of healing I was feeling.

You may have a variety of physical experiences as you learn to direct your brain into theta at will on command. The dividends and rewards for spending as little as five minutes a day in this process are astronomical in the results you can achieve in your life.

Spread the world and shout out our favorite saying:

The One Command® and theta - Try it - It Works!!